James Kee – “Leavin'”

Leader of the Nashville-based bluegrass supergroup East Nash Grass James Kee performs Norman Wright’s Leavin’ from the upcoming 432 Sessions Vol. 2 album. The story of how James found this previously unreleased bluegrass gem is an interesting one;

“In 1999 I bought a copy of The Traveler’s newest release ‘Ridin’ the Lines’ from a CD store in my hometown. The album was a fairly new release and was one of my early exposures to what modern Bluegrass music had evolved from the traditional roots I was used to hearing. I was young and in the formative years of learning to play Bluegrass and the record was impactful that I wanted to hear more from Norman Wright and associates so I carried out a common practice in those years and wrote a letter to Norman. Though he had a storied Bluegrass career playing with the Country Gentleman and the Bluegrass Cardinals, his band the Travelers had only one release at the time. Norman was kind enough to send me a CD of 10 original demos recorded sometime in the 1980s. I didn’t initially recognize any of the songs but I later learned several had been recorded by the likes of Lou Reid, Doyle Lawson, and IIIrd Tyme Out. I believed all the songs on the demo to be strong, though many have not been revisited since their initial recording. “Leaving” is one that I felt was too good not to be heard and it was a pleasure bringing it to life with some of the most talented pickers in Bluegrass today.” – James Kee

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